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About the Company

Mt. AiryCDC is a nonprofit organization founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a mission to provide resources and services to the local community. They offer a variety of programs ranging from youth services to housing and economic development.

In the past, Mt. AiryCDC had relied on traditional methods of marketing such as flyers and word of mouth to reach potential applicants. But when the pandemic hit - they knew they had to pivot their marketing strategy.

To further its mission, Mt. AiryCDC partnered with Kingdom Social Media to expand its reach and increase its network. The partnership was a success and resulted in more applicants and respondents than they ever had before. 

Executive Director, Philip Dawson, was pleased with the results and the experience of working with KSM. He found the expertise of KSM to be invaluable, helping the organization both reach new people and keep the program running smoothly. He noted that the experience with KSM brought the specific skills and people they were seeking. 

Philip was highly impressed with KSM's work and believed that other organizations whether for-profit or nonprofit should consider bringing KSM on board to get the same positive results that Mt. AiryCDC got.


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